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The NiCo Dental Cosmetic Dentistry in Budapest aims to provide painless dental treatments to its patients by using only high quality dental materials. We are ahead of our competitors regarding to the dental materials we use and in the applied dental or facial aesthetic procedures. Our dentists have an empathic approach with professional perfectionism. The NiCo Dental Aesthetic Dentistry is located in the heart of Budapest with easy access by all means of transportation. The main aspect in designing the waiting room and the surgeries was to create a pleasant environment where the dental care takes place in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The furniture and the highest quality dental equipment will not remind you the old-style dentistry practices that caused bad memories. Aesthetic dentistry in luxurious dental conditions at a reasonable price: our equipment, instruments and dental materials are the flagships in their area (last year’s latest German, American, Japanese and Swiss technology) with the most possible reliability. We use the latest, internationally recognized and professional-grade equipment, banishing all old fashioned dental technologies and backward or outdated materials. Our objective is to stay among the best dental clinics in our city (Budapest), and in Pest county. NiCo Dental Aesthetic Dentistry (Budapest).

An office of luxury dentistry, Budapest: we relax the tension of our patients through a peaceful and pleasant environment. The expertise, credibility and humane attitude contribute to maintain the comfort of the patients throughout the whole treatment process. By the help of painless and fear-free dental treatments you will be able to smile again with confidence! We offer numerous services, and dental promotions. We focus on prevention of dental diseases or appearance of dental plaque or tooth decay, and of course on the quality of the aesthetic treatments and implant durability.

Dental expertise: all of our dentists are professionally impeccable and dedicated, thus are only focusing on prevention and have an approach to keep the healthy and saveable teeth instead of making a quick profit. Exemplary care of our patients and obtaining their trust is our first priority. Our aesthetic dentistry employs only honest, perfectionist and precise dentists. We offer a wide range of dental treatments and dental solutions to our existing and new patients. We have great experience in teeth whitening, root canal treatments and creating aesthetic fillings, in addition to aesthetic crowns without grinding. Dr. Aniko Bakos, our leading dentist has gained a lot of experience in the area of smile design. Beside oral surgical procedures we perform many implantology treatments routinely, such as tooth implantation.

Budapest dentistry’s customer focus: through perfect treatment we strive to supply the best satisfaction of our customers, since we are a luxury dentistry in the Budapest region. Affordable dentistry in the heart of Budapest, in the 12th disctrict of Buda. The NiCo Dental Cosmetic Dentistry Budapest awaits its patients with continuous offers. Significant discounts are provided to regular patients (who attend on semi-annual follow-up examinations, etc.). Our dental clinic is a privileged partner of the OTP health fund – its members are provided with further discounts of every dental treatments.

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