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Procera zirconium-oxid crown

The latest achievements of the modern aesthetic dentistry are the full ceramic crowns created by CAD-CAM systems (computer-controlled machine-carved aluminium oxide or zirconium oxide frames). These crowns completely substitute the metal frame ones since they are carved out from extremely hard ceramic blocks and on top of them the dentin and enamel colours get layered. The CAD-CAM is a professional “tooth-carving machine” that – based on scanned ant digitized information – carves out a “cap” from a pre-manufactured block that fits perfectly on the stump, and which will be the base of the tooth what the technician builds the tooth itself from the right coloured materials. A big advantage, that it provides nano-level physical fitting, thus sealing the bonding edges perfectly. The first variant of these is the AllCeram Aluminium oxide or zirconium crown. This is one of the softest of the CAD-CAM materials, this why only single crown can be made of it. Beautiful crowns can be made of it because of its high fibre content. It is obvious now that shoulder preparation is needed to fit these CAD-CAM crowns. The time of its making is longer than press-ceramic or other crowns as the frame is carved in Austria or Germany (as the carving CAD-CAM machine is very unique), it takes seven workdays and further three more workdays needed to do the calcinations, so altogether it takes two weeks. The wait is worth it as the patient receives a beautiful, natural-looking crown which also precisely fits. The comparison table of metal free ceramic crowns is available at the reception.

Metal-free crowns:QuantityPrice (€)
Procera zirconium-oxid crowncrown499